Fashion event: #hmbalmaination in Riga


H&M’s much anticipated Balmain collection launches in stores and online tomorrow and I was determined to have the green dress that looks amazing on Kendall… of course I didn’t stop with just the dress if I was already there :) You will see more of what I got today when the party season kicks in… stay tuned… here’s a sneek peek of todays cool event.


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Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

2BB851C100000578-0-image-m-6_1440761418603[1] 2B98112B00000578-0-image-a-9_1440329453383[1] 2BAFC40A00000578-3212088-She_likes_to_match_Just_a_day_after_rocking_navy_blue_Vanessa_Hu-m-12_1440633098501[1] 2AC3912E00000578-3171622-image-a-19_1437621435509[1] 2B13A2CC00000578-0-image-m-13_1438759240519[1]I have started to obsess over her laid back bohemian style… denim shorts and random t-shirt would be my choice of outfit every day if I would live in a reasonable climate :)



Obsessing about summer… still

I hope you don’t mind that I will still obsess a little bit about last week, vacation and some great places… as here is no sign of a real summer back home  :)

Gibraltar is a cool 6 kmof UK in the middle of Spain and when crossing the border you really see that you are now in UK. All the architecture and street signs and mentality is British. The Rock of Gibraltar and main street are quite the tourist traps but I still liked it.


The runway of Gibraltar airport is very extreme and cool as it crosses four-lane main road and cars travelling along Winston Churchill Avenue must stop for planes several times a day.

My favorite city in Spain is definitely Ronda. This ancient city is just picturesque with the great views from Puente Nuevo bridge and all the cool architecture. In every corner there is a statue of some poet or musician who has lived there and that is a clear sign that the city itself has been an inspiration to people for centuries. I will surely go back!





View from my hotel room balcony

Marbella doesn’t need any itroduction :) The city is very fun and cool with it’s superyachts and sports cars… kind of compulsory place in Europe to flaunt what you have got :) … or just relax and enjoy the show..



Traveling: a week of summer

I’m not the kind of person who gets home sick on vacations and wants to come home after a week or so. Although, it is always good to be home… I still wish every time that a trip lasts a little bit longer. Here I am sitting in Frankfurt and checking the weather report for upcoming days in Baltics… :( I don’t like what I see… I made sure not to complain once during the week in Spain as temperature was always above 30. Even close to 40 often. I will miss those warm nights and great restaurants… I have eaten so much during this week because it is just impossible to say no to all those good dishes. I won’t miss French fries, though. They come with every meal and I think that I have eaten my year’s limit by now. IMG_2725

Besides food there are many more things to thank Spain for. Nature out there is just so amazing that I was constantly thinking what view do I like the most… the sea, mountains, the city… yeah, I couldn’t decide. I would probably cook more at home when the view from my kitchen’s window would be the same :) FullSizeRender

View from the kitchen’s windowIMG_2726

Altea and Marbella


Old town of Altea

I will save some pics and stories for the next post as it is time to get on the plane to soon land in the cold land as my little friend Joosep says :) There will be a touch of fashion as well :)



I guess the mode right now is #sumervacation so I am exactly on the trend. I haven’t had a vacation for some time so I had forgotten how much fun you can have every day waking up, eating breakfast (if you are up for the breakfast… and it is not a rule) or just sleeping until somebody from your favourite group of holiday companions will yell „we have to go in 15 min“. Of course, I naturally don’t take this „threat“ very seriously because when I want to leave in 15 min and I see that others are not ready then I just say „I will go in 15 and who is not in the car, stays behind“. Luckily the rules were not so strict today morning and I still managed to quickly grab a bikini and sun block and hopped on to the car. The most difficult decision of a perfect vacation  day is WHICH BEACH DO WE GO TO TODAY! I have learned never to say my opinion when this question is thrown in the air. I am pretty sure that it has been decided in advande and this is just a rethorical question. I just always say the compliments about the beach that won on that day. Beach is always fun…. you can play… „how low can you go“ – with your sun block factor, of course :). My lowest here has been 15 and I am clearly the palest of our crew. FullSder FullSizeRender When beach is done then comes quick lunch in  some bar/lounge/salad place, etc and then siesta. Or half of the siesta. When everybody has crawled out on the terrace again then it is time to decide the 2nd most importan decision  – where will we have dinner? I mostly use the same tactics and try to stay out of the deciding comitte. sller

Today was really fun in the sea. The waves were killer and we also saw dolphins  10-12 all together and they were swimming and jumping near our boat. You could almost touch them…. not the best pic but you can kind of assume that these were the dolphins.


And how do you not watch tennis in a random bar when a good game is on? tennis

Write to you tomorrow, my favorites! Love the #vacationmode XX

Outfits: office look?!

This is summer in the office – crop tops and bare legs. How lucky am I to work in a place where office attire is not a suit and hosiery ;)


Top / Alexander Wang x h&m, Skirt / Zara, Shoes / Zara

FullSizeRender 3

Body chain / h&m

Festival style: inspo from Glastonbury

2A06D9A100000578-3141534-Shady_lady_Model_Alexa_Chung_works_her_wellington_s_despite_the_-m-38_1435418036241 2A08B78300000578-3141534-image-a-103_1435441737558 2A06D95700000578-3141534-Festival_time_Short_dresses_bare_legs_and_big_boots_it_has_to_be-m-33_1435417977956 2A08A0FD00000578-0-image-m-147_1435450525596 29FF5F1900000578-3140562-image-m-53_1435327315465 2A09E12F00000578-3141471-image-a-56_1435436303589 29FFFCE100000578-3140633-image-m-29_1435331953343 2A063D8000000578-3141471-image-m-115_1435405440497

Still London mode: I’m a foodie born in a body of a non-foodie….


…. meaning that I love food a lot and I wish I would enjoy and could eat more different kind and exciting food but unfortunately my body doesn’t cooperate and I don’t eat many ingredients :(

London has come a long way from the time when fish and chips was pretty much the only thing on the menu that I could eat. Now it is all about healthy and green living. One of my favorite places is Borough Market’s gourmet food market which is a true foodies paradise. There are no limits what you can buy there from vegetables and fruits to oysters, champagne and all kinds of meat and fish. Don’t even get me started on the pastries and cakes! Since it is so full of people it is difficult to find a quiet corner to eat but there is a nice church yard very close where you can just sit on the asphalt and enjoy your meal.

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 4

To balance out eating in the pavement from plastic dishes (the food was to die for, though) I can’t stay away from nice restaurants with great food and service.

FullSizeRender (6)

Best salmon teriyaki in the world. @Nobu

FullSizeRender (3)

@Chiltern Firehous

London… baby!

Can you say “London” …. without saying “baby” after it?! If you can then clearly you haven’t watched Friends enough times :) Anyway…

Each time there are new things to discover in London… and also old things to re-discover. I will share some pictures  about my passion for architecture and real estate that I have found in me in recent years. I think it all started when I first watched the tv show Million Dollar Listing and I have been hooked ever since.

FullSizeRender (1)

This picture captures the city so well for me – the modern architecture, which I love, the red double-decker and the black limo, they kind of form the perfect combo.


The modern and the classical architecture mix is very cool and the details of the buildings always amaze me. This former Fire Station in Chiltern street, that was originally built in 1889, is the perfect example.

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (5)

Those two castles just demonstrate the grandness and richness of Monarchy. I am fascinated by the history behind those castles and also by the current inhabitants and their intriguing life. Have you ever checked the apartment plans of Kensington Palace and who lives in which apartments?

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender 2

Kensington townhouses are so rich in history. Just walking by them and peeking in your mind starts to wonder who have been living there in the past and whose home it might be now… some of them are very modern inside and some have this historic and classic style with perfectly renovated details.

Stay tuned… I will be back tomorrow with food :)

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